Sunday, June 2, 2013

A little bit of everything

A post, a year in the making.

So first off I am noticing that I have no updates on the For the horde/alliance banner I was making. That is almost done. I just need to put it over a dowel and give it the tassels and it is done. But the stitching of this thing is completed, I am at the finishing stages of it. My room mate who it was made for LOVED it so much and I am looking forward to making myself on in the future. It will be great to flip it to show if I am feeling for the blue side, or the red side.

I have started a new large project The first generation of Pokemon! This project is huge, well over 30 pages of chart and takes over 100 different colours of floss. I am so happy with it and my daughter is looking forward to me being done with it. She is getting it for Christmas this year. She seems so excited by it. It is getting hard to work on it without her here though. I told her I was done with it, I gave up. So she was bummed out about it. But I have gotten most of it done without her knowledge.

This is my current set up for cross stitching. It is about midnight here when I took this but this is how I work now when working on cross stitch. In fact all my office has been changed around a lot. I moved all the desks around and just finishing to cleaning. So you will all get to see that soon.

Other things I am happy about is the dolls I am almost done with face ups and clothing we will be working with them, they also have a better display they are on. I can't wait to show that off nither. But for now, I am going to go back to work on this pokemon project.

So happy to be back. See you all tomorrow.

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