Monday, June 10, 2013

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Make up blog!

Wow I am sorry about that everyone. I have been so busy with the Epic Pokemon Cross Stitch, and my office that I forgot to post things for you all. First off I said I would do product reviews, I have nothing right now. Not in less you want a product review of something I got MONTHS ago. But honestly I am waiting on my new shipment of items so I should have a product review in a bit. But not this week! I am sorry.

Saturday I didn't have a stressed out housewife, as I decided to close that blog and just put it here. So I am going to start with next Saturday, (I already been working on the post, you should see that next Saturday)

Today (it is Monday Morning at 3am in Winnipeg) I decided I would get a lot done and already have so much done. I started to work on my doll area again today and am working on getting the doll clothes I own hung on small doll hangers. I am trying to figure it all out as I only own four hangers, so I am looking to make more, or I just might crack and buy some. But here it is so far.

Granted I also have a product here that I could use as well. Just involves making a place to hang items with dolly clothes pins. I am still working on that.

But I did start to make a shoe organizer for my dolls.  It is almost done and I am really proud of it. So that will be hung on the ends of this rod and filled with the shoes and items I just can't hang. Like a small box for the jewelry pieces that go with the outfits there.

What else.... Oh I taught my 10 year old to cross stitch, not that she needs another crafty thing to do. But I decided what the hell I main as well teach her a great craft that keeps one busy for hours!
Here she is in her pjs on Saturday around 4pm stitching in my office beside me.

So that is basically it for now. There is a lot going on and tomorrow is a new post! Trust me you will be bombarded with things as I am home all day! YAY for Monday off of work! I need to get Monday's off as a general rule

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