Friday, October 28, 2011

C4 go Boom???

So I am off to the Central Canadian Comic Convention! Or more fun to say... C4!

I wont be around for the weekend, and I most likely wont have a post in till monday or tuesday. with monday being halloween I would assume tuesday!

Any ways good luck all.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

when will we be home?

So as many of you know I have been working my arse off to get my daughters costume done. Well really... not that much. I could have put this together in an hour if I wanted to. I just am way to lazy to do it that fast. So here I sit half way done today and about to start the final parts of it. The never ending skirt fabric. But first here is a photo of where I was this morning when I started to work. This is just before the sleeves we put on!

As you see I do drink a lot of slurpee when I work on projects like this. (blue cup in the background) it is my one bad habit. But at least it is not smoking! lol.

SO back to the grind. As tomorrow it is Fur suit, tail, and a whole bunch of other things.... I also need to prep things for the printers. Oi.... I love the end of convention season.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Misa on Wheels

When I woke up late for my daughters football game this morning something told me to check DA, I wont ever forgot what I saw. And I am happy I did. This girl is not new on DA,or new to cosplaying. She has a lovely collection of some of the most ICONIC costumes in peoples minds.

I was enjoying her gallery and all the photos she took with everyone around her that I didn't notice one thing that NEVER changed outfit. Her wheel Chair. This woman is cosplaying some of the most able body people in the anime and game world. And not once did she let her wheel chair define her character!

I am so happy to see that she didn't let this define the cosplays she could play. I hope to see more from her. She is a strong woman. Check out her Deviant art here:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fuzzy Tails

So I had the most fun working on a coon tail, not just any coon tail, one that was blue, pink, and grey! It was such a joy to work on it.

So here was the tail before I started to work on it this week! It had a flat tip and looked funny and just didn't work well with it's self. So I had to fix it. Also It really didn't sit to well on the person who was wearing it so I had to do something about it.

This flat tipped bulging mess turned into a fuzzy slick tail!

The tip of it is so fluffy and fuzzy now and it is super soft! I brushed it out and fluffed up the cotton baton in it so it was softer to snuggle too. It is super soft and snugly. I shit you not! I now need to make more tails for people. I should go buy some fun fur and work with that first, this was such a fun project this year.

I hope to get photos of the person this tail is for! FUZZY TAIL!!! *pets it* okay now that I have had my furry fun. I need to mention that I wont be posting on Sunday's and Tuesdays might be out as well. My daughter's sports are taking up a good bit of time. So she is more important then completing projects.

So that is your heads up!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Magnetic personality

So recently I started to work on crafts that my daughter could help with and do herself. And this is what I came up with. Each one of these cost me less then 0.05 cents to make and take only a few seconds each! They are half clear marbles, a small magnet and a bit of glue with paper. These are actually made from the information booklets from my daughters DS games! And from scraps of fabric I own for the others. They are really cool and she enjoys playing with them on the fridge now.

I would give a tutorial but really not much to say! White school glue, Half marbles, paper, and a magnet. When the marbles are done and dry you hot glue the magnet on let stand a few seconds and they are ready to use.


Great fun for the whole family and as snow here any child, and child like person, can make them!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One smart Cookie

So this is less about art, and more about Child Care tactics. My Daughter is 8 and she is a sly one. On Friday she was told her room had to be clean to my standards by Monday! (My standards are kinda strict! All toys have a place, and all books should be on the shelf, and clothes away! I should be able to get under the other bed, and in the closet!) So Monday I got mad at her and told her it wasn't done right she had another chance to do it before I cleaned it and she wouldn't like how I cleaned it. So she did. And she almost had it PERFECT! But I still cleaned it.

Smart kid! Lets get is close and mom will finish it! And on top of that she pulled the "Mom I want!" thing today and I went... if I paid you to do chores you think you can do them to moms likes? MY GODDESS SHE CAN! I put a dollar value to chores I thought she could do, and today she made 10 Bucks! WHAT THE HELL? She has been sharking me all this time! Today she went through her drawers and re folded her clothes and got rid of the ones she didn't like or were too small, Swept and mopped her room (we use swiffer super easy for kids!) Then she put away dishes as I washed them, and she cleaned the living room and swept it... and helped to fold laundry and put it away! WHAT THE HELL! Seriously if you want anything done in the house. PAY THE KIDS! They know how to do it! They just don't want too!

Any ways updated on crafty things.... My daughters shoes are DONE! they are just drying from this coat of sealer. Then tomorrow morning I give it a few more coats and she can wear them. She even picked out the perfect socks.

Friday I hope to get a photo of her in them with the socks she picked out, we are also going to pick up the Fabrics for the dress, the basket to put Little Starr in. I can't believe how excited she is to help me out for this costume! She is the one doing ALL the research into the shoes she needed, the fabric, the socks, basket and even found her own stuffed toy to use as toto! I am so impressed.

She is my cosplayer in the making!

Find her at Central Canadian Comic Con the last weekend of October! She will be in the artist alley with me!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

No place like home!

So I am finally up to making posts again as I have been doing crafts and art like none stop for the past two weeks. I am so happy and having such a great time I am looking forward to posting these on ebay, etsy, and the likes. So watch for items from the Desk of Phynix! I am so happy about it.

On other news my daughter picked one of the most iconic characters to dress as for Halloween this year! She is going as Dorothy! Ever since I was a little girl I loved the Wizard of Oz, and thought it was just a wonderful world, and story! I loved Dorothy, and her little dog Toto!

Even my Step dad loves this movie, he named his truck Toto, and my mother has a small dog that looks like Toto! So we are happy to be making this costume for my daughter this year!

Yes we are making it. I have pulled out my sewing machine and dusted it off and have been working non stop on it for about a week. I am so happy with what is coming out of it. I have made pony outfits for sale at an up coming convention I am going to, and I have household items. But the thing I am most proud of is the little red ridding hood costume for my daughters doll, and a pirates costume for a doll on Den of Angels (more about these in another journal)

But the reason for this journal post is these!

As you can see from the inside of these shoes, they were once white! These were my daughters shoes from my brothers wedding two years ago that were too big for her then. They fit this year and we were happy to give them a new life as the shoes she will wear to her party at school.

This was not easy I couldn't figure out how to get this look, so I tried to mix a lovely snow glitter (the most tiny glitter I have EVER seen) into red ruby paint I own and painted these shoes. (you can see it on the frill and bow) it didn't work so well. So taking a break between coats I started to look at painting and making shoes glittery on youtube, and found this...

8 minutes later and I had my jacket on and off to the craft store I went!

A bit of fabric glue, glitter, and a large mess later and we are 99% done with this project! The shoes are sitting to dry for now before I tackle the little frilly part at the top and the bow!

I am very happy with this and I am hoping that when my daughter gets up in the morning she too will love them.

On the agenda for tomorrow....? Finishing these shoes, and maybe sewing the rest of little red ridding hood costume for my daughter.