Sunday, October 16, 2011

No place like home!

So I am finally up to making posts again as I have been doing crafts and art like none stop for the past two weeks. I am so happy and having such a great time I am looking forward to posting these on ebay, etsy, and the likes. So watch for items from the Desk of Phynix! I am so happy about it.

On other news my daughter picked one of the most iconic characters to dress as for Halloween this year! She is going as Dorothy! Ever since I was a little girl I loved the Wizard of Oz, and thought it was just a wonderful world, and story! I loved Dorothy, and her little dog Toto!

Even my Step dad loves this movie, he named his truck Toto, and my mother has a small dog that looks like Toto! So we are happy to be making this costume for my daughter this year!

Yes we are making it. I have pulled out my sewing machine and dusted it off and have been working non stop on it for about a week. I am so happy with what is coming out of it. I have made pony outfits for sale at an up coming convention I am going to, and I have household items. But the thing I am most proud of is the little red ridding hood costume for my daughters doll, and a pirates costume for a doll on Den of Angels (more about these in another journal)

But the reason for this journal post is these!

As you can see from the inside of these shoes, they were once white! These were my daughters shoes from my brothers wedding two years ago that were too big for her then. They fit this year and we were happy to give them a new life as the shoes she will wear to her party at school.

This was not easy I couldn't figure out how to get this look, so I tried to mix a lovely snow glitter (the most tiny glitter I have EVER seen) into red ruby paint I own and painted these shoes. (you can see it on the frill and bow) it didn't work so well. So taking a break between coats I started to look at painting and making shoes glittery on youtube, and found this...

8 minutes later and I had my jacket on and off to the craft store I went!

A bit of fabric glue, glitter, and a large mess later and we are 99% done with this project! The shoes are sitting to dry for now before I tackle the little frilly part at the top and the bow!

I am very happy with this and I am hoping that when my daughter gets up in the morning she too will love them.

On the agenda for tomorrow....? Finishing these shoes, and maybe sewing the rest of little red ridding hood costume for my daughter.

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  1. Those look amazing Phy! I can't wait to see her all in costume!