Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No updates this week

I wont be doing a what is on your desk Wednesday or be posting till the weekend... as Friday I have a funeral and this week I am going to be trying to arrange for places for family to sleep while here for our Grandfathers funeral.

So as my grandfather passed on Monday morning I am spending time with the family celebrating his death. (we are mostly made of Celtic members to the family so we celebrate, we don't morn)

So please forgive me for not posting anything.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday Shopping Trip.

So this weekend I decided it was time to buy over 100 colours in DMC floss (I work in another brand but decided it was time to upgrade) I have 4 large projects planed this year and I needed to collect floss for it. So out of the 100 plus colours I needed I only am missing 13 of them. I was so happy about that. I am only missing 3858, 3836, 3754, 3752, 3740, 3607, 754, 738, 554, 451, 317, 310, and 032.

So that makes me very happy. I also bought more cloth, Aida is my fave to work with so I stick with it. And also casting resin for cell phone charms I want to make. Today I go to the dollar store to pick up the molds I wanted from them (I saw them there last week hopefully they are still there)

And as you can see there are two small cups of buttons, a pink and black bag that is perfect for my craft store haul. And some card bobbins. I was going to make my own but decided against it.

Also I am almost done the alliance piece of my World Of Warcraft cross stitch I am doing for the room mate, it allowed me to catch up in CSI I love just watching TV and working away at a cross stitch. And at this rate I will be on the large three by the beginning of tomorrow. I am looking forward to that.

I also have to spend time this week and putting away a few more things in my office I want to do that tour before summer gets here lols. So that is my weekend, I went shopping, saw two movies last night, woman in black and then the secret world of Arrietty. Both were amazing and I would love to take my daughter to see Arrietty! She is a huge Ghibli fan.

Also no more word verification for all your comments. YAY!

how was your weekend?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesday Report

I am sorry to say that I wasn't able to show you my desk this week. Most of that is because I was busy cooking and cleaning on my day off and nothing has changed from what you see in the Tusal report, that is what my desk looks like now lol.

But I had to tell you all that. Also I am going to be busy this weekend I will try to show you all what I did all weekend. But not sure how long it will take me to get that up.

So I will see you all in a few days!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February's TUSAL!

OMG My first real TUSAL! I am so happy to show you all what it looks like... chances are this will be the ONLY time you will see this jar this full. I was happy with the one jar I had originally found but also found that my cat liked to knock it over to play with the fluff in it, so when I cleaned my kitchen the other day I found this new one that closes. It is really cool I love it. It has my knotted pieces of thread in it as well. It also has all the cut offs that I have gotten from working. A few long a few short I try to keep thread going till the last moment where it is too hard to work with.

Most of this has my Winnie the Pooh ornament that I stopped working on when I noticed the huge amount of FROGS in it from my brother working on it. I was so mad to see the miss count and the miss stitches. So in the rubbish bin with it. Then most of the Red, grey's, and blacks are from my For the Horde piece that is done just waiting for the counter part and a wash to be able to show you all.

And the gold is from my alliance piece that I am already a good portion done with. Done two of the 6 sheets and I am not even 4 days into it really. (been less then a week of work) So it is coming along just swimmingly. I am so happy. I really need to get this done then work on some of the UFO's I own.... oh goodness...

The small jar is my travel jar for when I move to the living room or other places.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Day Monday

I think out of all the days I get off in a year this is the ONE I Love the most! My daughter is home, my work isn't running, and nothing is open. It is often warm enough to enjoy outside, but cold enough outside that you can come in and have hot coca without feeling too bad about it.

So we did a lot of work today. My daughter (remember she is only 8 please) work up and CLEANED! No we are not talking just picking up her toys and putting them in her toy box, no we are talking she picked up her toys, put away her clothes, picked up the things in the living room, and kitchen, and then the bathroom. She worked her butt off and before I got out of bed she did sweep. I am not allowed to sweep due to my asthma (I have to wear a special mask, I know so many asthamatics often do these cleanings, but I can't) so it was amazing that she did all that.

INCLUDING the stairs to my office. I WAS SO HAPPY! we then cleaned more, washed dishes, did laundry, and mopped floors.

From there we went shopping and bought the items to make brownies. By time we got home did dinner and cleaned from that it was too late to make brownies. OH WELL! But that is Wednesday I don't have work so we are making slow cooker foods and brownies.

It was so cool. And tomorrow is TUSAL! YAY! okay back to cross stitching and watching tv.

And just so you all have a picture.... hn.... what to show you?
The most awesome laptop mat ever. This is actually the mat I use to use when I played Magic The Gathering all the time. And now it is under my laptop and my mouse. Instant mouse pad. I do need a new one though. This one has a bit of a tear on the bottom edge.

Also anyone know who painted this? *waits to hear*

TODD LOCKWOOD! I was so impressed to see LICENSED TODD LOCKWOOD CCG Mat! OMG OMG OMG! I am still in a little artist geekgasum lol

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lazy slow Saturday

So I spent the day trying to figure out what I was going to post here on my blog about my arts and crafts that I do. One would think I didn't do anything today with my comment like this but I have I have gone lots today.

I spent the morning sewing patches on my daughters bowling shirt with all her accomplishments that she has gotten through bowling. I know we are missing one on her shirt but I can't find it to save my life so she has some of them on her shirt. Tomorrow she is at a tournament and from what I understand because of how well she has been bowling these past few days she actually has a chance to win this time around. SO that is cool I am proud of her.

After she ran off to her grandmothers, I finished cleaning the floor of my office. I can't find my desks but I found the floor. I am just doing the final sort of things and then I can take people on a mini tour of the office. I am so happy with that idea of showing you all my office. I love looking at others crafting area's so I can't wait to show you mine. It is just a mix match of things that it is so much fun.

The Desk as it stands right now, it is so full of clutter you can't see anything. My doll and a friends doll are just hanging out waiting for me to be done with organizing so I can make Lao some clothes.
My sewing desk is my favorite thing in this room it is where I spend a lot of time and often am found trying to de clutter it so I can work on it. I love sewing it is so fun and just a great way to get away from the world. My sewing machine is newer, it was bought for me when my great grandmothers singer died on me. I cried that day it would sew through anything with no fuss. But the belt on it broke and I am still waiting for the singer place to find a replacement. Though I think I will just sell it to them. I love this new one, it also matches my serger.
And in this corner is my doll shelf, this is where all my dolls normally sit for display. I own quite a few. They are a great joy of mine. I love working with my dolls and love playing with them. I sew clothes for them, and paint tattoos for them. So much of my craft revolves around dolls, not just mine but my friends as well.

I also started in on the Alliance cross stitch and realized that I was already through the first two pages of it before the end of this morning. So I am already really far in on that. I am so amazed on how well it went for me. And how quickly it is for me to work on a cross stitch like that.

Also I finished FOR THE HORDE! YAY! now to wash and block it out.... but first the alliance side of it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh I missed a day....

So yesterday I was so excited to tell you all that I did on Wednesday that I had the post all planned in my head, and photos taken. Then yesterday I got home and was so tired that I went to bed at Six! Not my normal 10 or 11 that night but 6!

It happens every so often I have a rough day at work, and a long few days off and I just need the sleep. I forgot just how hard it is to be a stay a working mom some days. Any ways after a great sleep I was awake this morning at 3:30am oh how un fair the world can be some times lol.

So this what's on your desk Wednesday was completely and amazingly productive. I had so much fun and really really just worked my butt off.

So I completed the following with a few photos! YAY!

Lao looks amazing with his Face up on him now, And now that his wings are on, his face is done. I need to really work on his outfit so he can be clothed and not naked. I just need to wait to get his crown and items so I can paint them too. I was happy with how he turned out. Do you see under his wing? The hanging pieces of pink. That is the pieces to Lia!
So after I was done with Lia, and Lao I was so happy with my new work and how face ups are looking for me I decided to continue on to Patches, she needed her make up done as well so on I went. I got her done in less then an hour. It is truly amazing just how comfortable I am with this style now. So now to start adding new techniques to my style.
And last but not least Ears and a tail of Lia. Her ears ended up darker then I wanted but the pink on them is AMAZING! I want to take her in her kitty gear outside with her and take photos before I send her off to her owner. I am sure that will be happening soon!

Not shown I also have worked really hard oh my for the horde cross stitch and finished off not one but TWO pages for it. I am so happy with that as well. I will be done with this cross stitch not long from now. HAPPY DAY!

So what was I doing today? WORKING! Yup, I taught today and it was a blast. I am now at home had a nap and just flipping through craft room video's on youtube. I LOVE these tour video's Makes me jealous and gives me so many idea's on what to do with my over cluttered office.

So till next time everyone. SEE YA!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WOYWW Dolls, dolls and more ... cross stitch?

So recently I have been working hard out of the house and have found that often my dolls are being ignored. so with today being a day off, and me being sick and un able to go out, I decided today was a good day to paint my dolls! So today I am doing just th

I have also made a bit of progress on my cross stitch. I have finished two of the 6 pages of pattern in completion. I have the other 4 mostly done. Then I flip the image and work on the top part with the alliance symbol. I am so happy and can't wait to see it finished! I hate having projects half way done I am one of them people who have so many projects that are partly done I just want to finish something this year!

So this is what I am working on this week! it is what is on my desk.

Oh and look my Cross Stitch.

This photo was taken before I was done the first sheet, I am much further now. I am sure you will see more of this soon!


Silly Phynix forgot the button!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend Madness take 1

So the weekends are the days I spend my time in the office and work my arse off and get things finished. So on the desk for this weekend is painting lao with my now working airbrush system. (I am loving it so much)

And then to work a big on Horde sweet Horde! Maybe get working on the alliance side of that project this weekend. I am almost done and if I watch another two or three movies this weekend I will be done. I might do that tomorrow sit with the kids and work on that while we watch movies and chill out.

Also on the table is hole punching all the books I own for work... that is going to take forever... and I am going to keep the confetti from it for something just not sure what yet. I am sure the kids will find something to do with it.

So that is this weekend, and so far it is going well. Time for another sealant coat for lao!

Failed on Friday.....

IT IS FRIDAY! Get that people *points at all you* FRIDAY! At least for these few moments pretend it is friday night and I posted this on time.

I ended up passing out around 8pm on the couch watching netflixs with my daughter. I was so tuckered out. I worked yesterday with a horrible cold. Right now my top lip under my nose is all dry and cracked from the constant running nose. BUT I am finally feeling better!

So Friday I was going to sit here at the computer and do nothing but stitch my cross stitch's and watch TV.... that didn't happen I ended up cleaning this kitchen from top to bottom, and the hall. And I am almost done the living room too.

I am not sure why I am so much in a cleaning mood. I love the look of show houses but always hated how sterile they are. How un lived in they feel. Yet I am finding I am doing that to my own house. I have 10 boxes (they are small tomato boxes but still) stacked out in the shed ready for donation again. My husband is going to hate me. Where I get all these items I have no clue. There are 5 vase type of containers. WHERE and WHEN did I get them I have no clue! One I know for a fact use to house my beta fish till the cats ate him. Poor Richard, you are now with Pony!

But that happened 3 years ago. I thought I sent that off to the charity shop already! But nope I just found it.

So I have called our local shop here and arranged a pick up, the sad part I can and do go to there shop and can walk through and go. "From my house, and that too, and that!" It is HILARIOUS! I love shopping there, and there is always great craft stuff there. All the older ladies send there stashes there when they purge (or when there families do it for them) so I LOVE IT! Next time I go I will take photos of what I get.

So yes yes my house in the main living area's feel almost show house style. I am sure that will change in a day or two, this house NEVER stays clean. I have two dogs, a cat, two snakes, and kid. Plus I have a husband, a male room mate, and his daughter every other weekend.

Yeah not staying clean long.... *sigh*

So that was my Friday. Now off to do "bed" lol.

I will be back with Saturday's List of things to do this weekend after I get home from my daughters bowling. TTFN!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crafting for an American Girl in Canada!

So let me say that living in Canada makes me sad some days. I am a huge fan of making things for my little girl and her doll. She is a very lucky girl, a few years ago my sister who lives in Pittsburgh bought her an American Girl doll for Christmas. This doll is spoiled, my daughter makes her jewelry, and hair accessories, and anything she is able to make. This doll has a larger purse collection then I do! (and I am addicted to bags that I can carry my sketch books in and always looking for new ones)

So when I was in the Pittsburgh last I was lucky to finally go to the fabric store and buy patterns for the American Girl doll line.

I have been home now for three months and have yet to even read the instructions. This does make my daughter mad, she is waiting for new clothes for her doll so patiently. So today I started to work on them. Yes I actually sat down cut the patterns all out. Traced them onto other paper, made copies of the pattern and started to pair up fabrics.

Then it dawned on me, I am missing one important factor, the doll to model the clothes as I work. Well I don't want to keep my daughters best friend in my office. Time to make a duck tape model of this doll to work off of.

That proved to be harder then I thought... I am out of duck tape. So I was shocked and so happy to find a dress form on ebay! I am now the proud owner of an american girl dress form (it is shipping) and my daughter will soon have clothes to change her american girl doll into.

links and reviews of the item to come when it arrives!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


EDIT: I didn't know there was a Work Desk Wednesday play along. I was so happy to see it. So I joined it! YAY!!!

So I know this is not quite my desk but this is my huge work in progress. This is my office, it was a HUGE mess before and during Christmas.

Yes that is right this has been a work in progress since mid Janurary. I am only able to work on this the days I have off as it makes a lot of noise and my daughters bed room is under my office.

I have spent the past two weeks purging, sorting, cleaning and making sure my office is usable and easily usable at that! I am sure when it is done you will all see the tour. I actually have a big office, and I love it so much. And I hope one of these days I can turn around and paint it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So today is the WIPolypse(not sure if that is spelled right) but I am happy about it. As I am new to this I don't have anything to really show you aside from the fact I made more progress in the Horde piece I am doing.
I am so happy on this, I am sure I can finish this in the next few days, and maybe start the Alliance one. I hope I can get them both done before my room mates birthday. But we will see.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Not quite Monday thoughts!

So I ended up falling asleep early today (yes I know it is tuesday but to me I am still on monday lol) and didn't get a chance to talk to you all about something that I find interesting in the craft world.

I am not just a cross stitch er but I also do other crafts, I can paint, sew, bead, and can also chain mallie (yes that is actually the true name of the craft lol, I learned it from the SCA) any ways this is not about the name of that. But the fact of copy right.

So recently Ihave seen a really good discussion on youtube about the fact that in copyright laws (Both Canadian and American from my understanding, please remember I am Canadian) that you can't AT ALL copyright the product made when you create a Tutorial. Now in saying that, you can Copyright the images in the Tutorial and the wording of the tutorial. So no one can reproduce the Tutorial for there own gain. But they can the product.

So it works like this you buy a tutorial/pattern and you make the product from it, and it looks IDENTICAL to the images in the tutorial/pattern. I can then turn around and put it on my etsy shop/ebay/sell at craft sale and don't have to tell people that it is from a tutorial/pattern.

So here is my question for you all, do you tell people that when you make a product from a pattern/tutorial do you tell them it is from that? Do you sell for a profit or do you sell to make back cost?

So what is all of your opinions?

My personal opinion is that if I make a product and I can't use it I will be selling it. I am not a fan of having something I made laying around collecting dust. I don't ever sell the item for more then what it cost for me to make it.

I don't always put who made the pattern/tutorial but I do mention it was a pattern or tutorial and if I can give credit (If I remember who did it) I do. I am not a stickler for this, when I make my tutorials it is nice to have credit but I am not demanding of it. It is nice to have others to be able to find the tutorial and make it them selves.

Well I am going to get back to work on a piece I was doing before I passed out on the couch after dinner. I have work tomorrow(really today lol) so I will be back tomorrow (today) with another post)

Remember to tell me what you all think! I love hearing from my friends, and other crafters.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

For the Horde not so easy

SO here I thought a World of Warcraft pattern like the Horde symbol would be easy, it is 4 colours (I like that) but OH MY GOODNESS... with the amount of red in it I loose track of where I am easily. I forgot just how hard it is to work with just one colour. More so as I DON'T mark my patterns as I work on them. I do this all by count only and leave my patterns available to me to use again, or at least elements from them. I am a huge fan of adding in other patterns to original pieces. I love that a lot. I love taking samplers and re placing them on my canvas.

But I got far in one day! This photo was taken when I was all sick of looking at this piece and went and worked on another.

So all the other people on the stitch blogs seem to be doing two or three or even four SAL type things.
I joined a few myself!

I am doing the Totally Useless Stitch A-Long. That is my taking a photo of my scrap thread as I work on projects and put them in a large jar of sorts. I finally found two jars, a small jam jar from when I was at a hotel (it is my fave jar in the world it is TINY!) and a large vase that use to hold my christmas flowers. You will see them both on the 21st of this month.

I am also working on a project called "The oldest WIP" And it is just that you take the OLDEST WIP and see how much more you can do in it. I do have plans to FINISH it this year! (I doubt I will it is HUGE!) but I want to give it to my grandmother for Christmas this year! She bought it for me and I want her to have it on her wall completed! I think she will love it.

And then there is WIPApocolipse. That first post for me is on the 7th of this month. I am not elegable for the prize it appears as they stopped posting names but I am still doing this. So if you all want to check it out as well.

And hopefully I will find a stitch along that is actual set as a certain pattern and lets me have fun with that!

So the Oldest WIP is the Dutch Windmills.
Also going to finish off
- The 12 bookmarks I have started (game sprites)
- My white tiger cub with world
- For the Horde
- Penguin Love

I will update as I find more. I also want to put a few of these in my side bars.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day One of finishing Projects

So as you know already I decided to join a few stitching events on blogger in hopes that I would be able to enjoy a craft that is long gone to me.

So far I decided before I start any new project I will finish off the ones I have here including one that my brother started years ago (over 8 of them) and he got mad at and handed to me when he was running out of time and things were not working well. I put it aside and forgot about it. So I pulled it out first and noticed where the error was and with all I would have to do to fix his project I decided I would just slot it to be re done. So away went the pattern to my bin of other patterns, and to the scrap heap went the piece my brother started (I saved the extra floss for other projects, and the cloth itself is in the bin for our fire starter scraps)

So I started to look at other projects and found one I started years ago for the door of my office and never got further then a few stitches and collecting the colours I wanted for it. So with my room mate's birthday coming up I am going to finish this piece and hopefully give it to him for his birthday. Join me later here to see how it turned out.

Also I have a pattern I made years ago that I am thinking to share. We will see about it later... not sure people will want to stitch it.

Thanks all!

Friday, February 3, 2012

TUSAL the rebirth of My blog

So I moved to tumblr for a bit and didn't like it. I didn't like how fast it was, how hard it was to keep up and decided I liked it here better. With coming back I wasn't sure what to post here. I was all like. "Hn.... so many crafty things that I have done since I left!" So I thought what the heck. Starting this month I would join my VERY FIRST Stitch a-long event.

A stitch along is something where a bunch of crafters pick something and they all do it and show progress reports. Most stitch a-longs (for cross stitching that I have seen) usually are images that they can do together. This one is supper cute. It is actually useless.

What I will be doing is finding a large decorative jar and filling it with the scrap ends of the threads from sewing and cross stitching. And each month on the new moon show that jar and the project that is the most current.

Believe it or not I think this will be REALLY fun! I hope to enjoy it and can't wait to see what comes from it.... worse part I am making next years christmas stock in the stitching world already so join me for a whole of ho ho ho snow.... *sigh* as I continue to work on prepping for next years craft sales....

See ya!

Want to join us? CLICK HERE!

Just adding the dates of it for me:

February 21
March 22
April 21
May 20
June 19
July 19
August 17
September 16
October 15
November 13
December 13