Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February's TUSAL!

OMG My first real TUSAL! I am so happy to show you all what it looks like... chances are this will be the ONLY time you will see this jar this full. I was happy with the one jar I had originally found but also found that my cat liked to knock it over to play with the fluff in it, so when I cleaned my kitchen the other day I found this new one that closes. It is really cool I love it. It has my knotted pieces of thread in it as well. It also has all the cut offs that I have gotten from working. A few long a few short I try to keep thread going till the last moment where it is too hard to work with.

Most of this has my Winnie the Pooh ornament that I stopped working on when I noticed the huge amount of FROGS in it from my brother working on it. I was so mad to see the miss count and the miss stitches. So in the rubbish bin with it. Then most of the Red, grey's, and blacks are from my For the Horde piece that is done just waiting for the counter part and a wash to be able to show you all.

And the gold is from my alliance piece that I am already a good portion done with. Done two of the 6 sheets and I am not even 4 days into it really. (been less then a week of work) So it is coming along just swimmingly. I am so happy. I really need to get this done then work on some of the UFO's I own.... oh goodness...

The small jar is my travel jar for when I move to the living room or other places.

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