Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lazy slow Saturday

So I spent the day trying to figure out what I was going to post here on my blog about my arts and crafts that I do. One would think I didn't do anything today with my comment like this but I have I have gone lots today.

I spent the morning sewing patches on my daughters bowling shirt with all her accomplishments that she has gotten through bowling. I know we are missing one on her shirt but I can't find it to save my life so she has some of them on her shirt. Tomorrow she is at a tournament and from what I understand because of how well she has been bowling these past few days she actually has a chance to win this time around. SO that is cool I am proud of her.

After she ran off to her grandmothers, I finished cleaning the floor of my office. I can't find my desks but I found the floor. I am just doing the final sort of things and then I can take people on a mini tour of the office. I am so happy with that idea of showing you all my office. I love looking at others crafting area's so I can't wait to show you mine. It is just a mix match of things that it is so much fun.

The Desk as it stands right now, it is so full of clutter you can't see anything. My doll and a friends doll are just hanging out waiting for me to be done with organizing so I can make Lao some clothes.
My sewing desk is my favorite thing in this room it is where I spend a lot of time and often am found trying to de clutter it so I can work on it. I love sewing it is so fun and just a great way to get away from the world. My sewing machine is newer, it was bought for me when my great grandmothers singer died on me. I cried that day it would sew through anything with no fuss. But the belt on it broke and I am still waiting for the singer place to find a replacement. Though I think I will just sell it to them. I love this new one, it also matches my serger.
And in this corner is my doll shelf, this is where all my dolls normally sit for display. I own quite a few. They are a great joy of mine. I love working with my dolls and love playing with them. I sew clothes for them, and paint tattoos for them. So much of my craft revolves around dolls, not just mine but my friends as well.

I also started in on the Alliance cross stitch and realized that I was already through the first two pages of it before the end of this morning. So I am already really far in on that. I am so amazed on how well it went for me. And how quickly it is for me to work on a cross stitch like that.

Also I finished FOR THE HORDE! YAY! now to wash and block it out.... but first the alliance side of it.

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