Friday, February 3, 2012

TUSAL the rebirth of My blog

So I moved to tumblr for a bit and didn't like it. I didn't like how fast it was, how hard it was to keep up and decided I liked it here better. With coming back I wasn't sure what to post here. I was all like. "Hn.... so many crafty things that I have done since I left!" So I thought what the heck. Starting this month I would join my VERY FIRST Stitch a-long event.

A stitch along is something where a bunch of crafters pick something and they all do it and show progress reports. Most stitch a-longs (for cross stitching that I have seen) usually are images that they can do together. This one is supper cute. It is actually useless.

What I will be doing is finding a large decorative jar and filling it with the scrap ends of the threads from sewing and cross stitching. And each month on the new moon show that jar and the project that is the most current.

Believe it or not I think this will be REALLY fun! I hope to enjoy it and can't wait to see what comes from it.... worse part I am making next years christmas stock in the stitching world already so join me for a whole of ho ho ho snow.... *sigh* as I continue to work on prepping for next years craft sales....

See ya!

Want to join us? CLICK HERE!

Just adding the dates of it for me:

February 21
March 22
April 21
May 20
June 19
July 19
August 17
September 16
October 15
November 13
December 13


  1. Welcome to the Totally Useless fun!

    This SAL can be lots of fun! Some of our members get very creative with the pictures of their ORT jars. Some have even given their ORTs a name! Best of all there is NO pressure to "complete" a project ~ you just stitch!

    1. I have wanted to join a Sal since December when I started to stalk a few people and was trying to figure out how. I was super happy to remember that I have a blogspot log in and it was already established! So it was a cool idea, I just was sad to have missed the first month but it is okay I am a crafty person so I am sure my ORTs will be fun when I do get to post in February. Thank you so much for the warm welcome, and the stalk. I hope to talk with you and many others more as the time goes on.