Saturday, February 11, 2012

Failed on Friday.....

IT IS FRIDAY! Get that people *points at all you* FRIDAY! At least for these few moments pretend it is friday night and I posted this on time.

I ended up passing out around 8pm on the couch watching netflixs with my daughter. I was so tuckered out. I worked yesterday with a horrible cold. Right now my top lip under my nose is all dry and cracked from the constant running nose. BUT I am finally feeling better!

So Friday I was going to sit here at the computer and do nothing but stitch my cross stitch's and watch TV.... that didn't happen I ended up cleaning this kitchen from top to bottom, and the hall. And I am almost done the living room too.

I am not sure why I am so much in a cleaning mood. I love the look of show houses but always hated how sterile they are. How un lived in they feel. Yet I am finding I am doing that to my own house. I have 10 boxes (they are small tomato boxes but still) stacked out in the shed ready for donation again. My husband is going to hate me. Where I get all these items I have no clue. There are 5 vase type of containers. WHERE and WHEN did I get them I have no clue! One I know for a fact use to house my beta fish till the cats ate him. Poor Richard, you are now with Pony!

But that happened 3 years ago. I thought I sent that off to the charity shop already! But nope I just found it.

So I have called our local shop here and arranged a pick up, the sad part I can and do go to there shop and can walk through and go. "From my house, and that too, and that!" It is HILARIOUS! I love shopping there, and there is always great craft stuff there. All the older ladies send there stashes there when they purge (or when there families do it for them) so I LOVE IT! Next time I go I will take photos of what I get.

So yes yes my house in the main living area's feel almost show house style. I am sure that will change in a day or two, this house NEVER stays clean. I have two dogs, a cat, two snakes, and kid. Plus I have a husband, a male room mate, and his daughter every other weekend.

Yeah not staying clean long.... *sigh*

So that was my Friday. Now off to do "bed" lol.

I will be back with Saturday's List of things to do this weekend after I get home from my daughters bowling. TTFN!


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