Sunday, February 5, 2012

For the Horde not so easy

SO here I thought a World of Warcraft pattern like the Horde symbol would be easy, it is 4 colours (I like that) but OH MY GOODNESS... with the amount of red in it I loose track of where I am easily. I forgot just how hard it is to work with just one colour. More so as I DON'T mark my patterns as I work on them. I do this all by count only and leave my patterns available to me to use again, or at least elements from them. I am a huge fan of adding in other patterns to original pieces. I love that a lot. I love taking samplers and re placing them on my canvas.

But I got far in one day! This photo was taken when I was all sick of looking at this piece and went and worked on another.

So all the other people on the stitch blogs seem to be doing two or three or even four SAL type things.
I joined a few myself!

I am doing the Totally Useless Stitch A-Long. That is my taking a photo of my scrap thread as I work on projects and put them in a large jar of sorts. I finally found two jars, a small jam jar from when I was at a hotel (it is my fave jar in the world it is TINY!) and a large vase that use to hold my christmas flowers. You will see them both on the 21st of this month.

I am also working on a project called "The oldest WIP" And it is just that you take the OLDEST WIP and see how much more you can do in it. I do have plans to FINISH it this year! (I doubt I will it is HUGE!) but I want to give it to my grandmother for Christmas this year! She bought it for me and I want her to have it on her wall completed! I think she will love it.

And then there is WIPApocolipse. That first post for me is on the 7th of this month. I am not elegable for the prize it appears as they stopped posting names but I am still doing this. So if you all want to check it out as well.

And hopefully I will find a stitch along that is actual set as a certain pattern and lets me have fun with that!

So the Oldest WIP is the Dutch Windmills.
Also going to finish off
- The 12 bookmarks I have started (game sprites)
- My white tiger cub with world
- For the Horde
- Penguin Love

I will update as I find more. I also want to put a few of these in my side bars.


  1. Congrats on joining up for TUSAL and WIPocolypse
    I have enjoyed the TUSAL since I began and already enjoying WIPocolypse. Some days you just can't think of something to blog about and these definitely help!

    1. Bonnie, thanks a lot. Yeah I am enjoying it already and it is nice to have something that I have in common with everyone. I have done the thread collection for each piece I worked on since I Started when I was little. And the same jar that I will be showing off in a few weeks. I just dump it in the garbage when it got full but now I have a goal... *wonders if I can fill my vase* I hope to see you around. *checks out your blog*
      Thank you so much for visiting!