Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day One of finishing Projects

So as you know already I decided to join a few stitching events on blogger in hopes that I would be able to enjoy a craft that is long gone to me.

So far I decided before I start any new project I will finish off the ones I have here including one that my brother started years ago (over 8 of them) and he got mad at and handed to me when he was running out of time and things were not working well. I put it aside and forgot about it. So I pulled it out first and noticed where the error was and with all I would have to do to fix his project I decided I would just slot it to be re done. So away went the pattern to my bin of other patterns, and to the scrap heap went the piece my brother started (I saved the extra floss for other projects, and the cloth itself is in the bin for our fire starter scraps)

So I started to look at other projects and found one I started years ago for the door of my office and never got further then a few stitches and collecting the colours I wanted for it. So with my room mate's birthday coming up I am going to finish this piece and hopefully give it to him for his birthday. Join me later here to see how it turned out.

Also I have a pattern I made years ago that I am thinking to share. We will see about it later... not sure people will want to stitch it.

Thanks all!

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