Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crafting for an American Girl in Canada!

So let me say that living in Canada makes me sad some days. I am a huge fan of making things for my little girl and her doll. She is a very lucky girl, a few years ago my sister who lives in Pittsburgh bought her an American Girl doll for Christmas. This doll is spoiled, my daughter makes her jewelry, and hair accessories, and anything she is able to make. This doll has a larger purse collection then I do! (and I am addicted to bags that I can carry my sketch books in and always looking for new ones)

So when I was in the Pittsburgh last I was lucky to finally go to the fabric store and buy patterns for the American Girl doll line.

I have been home now for three months and have yet to even read the instructions. This does make my daughter mad, she is waiting for new clothes for her doll so patiently. So today I started to work on them. Yes I actually sat down cut the patterns all out. Traced them onto other paper, made copies of the pattern and started to pair up fabrics.

Then it dawned on me, I am missing one important factor, the doll to model the clothes as I work. Well I don't want to keep my daughters best friend in my office. Time to make a duck tape model of this doll to work off of.

That proved to be harder then I thought... I am out of duck tape. So I was shocked and so happy to find a dress form on ebay! I am now the proud owner of an american girl dress form (it is shipping) and my daughter will soon have clothes to change her american girl doll into.

links and reviews of the item to come when it arrives!


  1. wow what an amazing mom you are wish i could find the time to do it for my daughters american girl doll. Great for you to add a smile to her face!