Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend Madness take 1

So the weekends are the days I spend my time in the office and work my arse off and get things finished. So on the desk for this weekend is painting lao with my now working airbrush system. (I am loving it so much)

And then to work a big on Horde sweet Horde! Maybe get working on the alliance side of that project this weekend. I am almost done and if I watch another two or three movies this weekend I will be done. I might do that tomorrow sit with the kids and work on that while we watch movies and chill out.

Also on the table is hole punching all the books I own for work... that is going to take forever... and I am going to keep the confetti from it for something just not sure what yet. I am sure the kids will find something to do with it.

So that is this weekend, and so far it is going well. Time for another sealant coat for lao!

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