Monday, February 6, 2012

Not quite Monday thoughts!

So I ended up falling asleep early today (yes I know it is tuesday but to me I am still on monday lol) and didn't get a chance to talk to you all about something that I find interesting in the craft world.

I am not just a cross stitch er but I also do other crafts, I can paint, sew, bead, and can also chain mallie (yes that is actually the true name of the craft lol, I learned it from the SCA) any ways this is not about the name of that. But the fact of copy right.

So recently Ihave seen a really good discussion on youtube about the fact that in copyright laws (Both Canadian and American from my understanding, please remember I am Canadian) that you can't AT ALL copyright the product made when you create a Tutorial. Now in saying that, you can Copyright the images in the Tutorial and the wording of the tutorial. So no one can reproduce the Tutorial for there own gain. But they can the product.

So it works like this you buy a tutorial/pattern and you make the product from it, and it looks IDENTICAL to the images in the tutorial/pattern. I can then turn around and put it on my etsy shop/ebay/sell at craft sale and don't have to tell people that it is from a tutorial/pattern.

So here is my question for you all, do you tell people that when you make a product from a pattern/tutorial do you tell them it is from that? Do you sell for a profit or do you sell to make back cost?

So what is all of your opinions?

My personal opinion is that if I make a product and I can't use it I will be selling it. I am not a fan of having something I made laying around collecting dust. I don't ever sell the item for more then what it cost for me to make it.

I don't always put who made the pattern/tutorial but I do mention it was a pattern or tutorial and if I can give credit (If I remember who did it) I do. I am not a stickler for this, when I make my tutorials it is nice to have credit but I am not demanding of it. It is nice to have others to be able to find the tutorial and make it them selves.

Well I am going to get back to work on a piece I was doing before I passed out on the couch after dinner. I have work tomorrow(really today lol) so I will be back tomorrow (today) with another post)

Remember to tell me what you all think! I love hearing from my friends, and other crafters.

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