Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Day Monday

I think out of all the days I get off in a year this is the ONE I Love the most! My daughter is home, my work isn't running, and nothing is open. It is often warm enough to enjoy outside, but cold enough outside that you can come in and have hot coca without feeling too bad about it.

So we did a lot of work today. My daughter (remember she is only 8 please) work up and CLEANED! No we are not talking just picking up her toys and putting them in her toy box, no we are talking she picked up her toys, put away her clothes, picked up the things in the living room, and kitchen, and then the bathroom. She worked her butt off and before I got out of bed she did sweep. I am not allowed to sweep due to my asthma (I have to wear a special mask, I know so many asthamatics often do these cleanings, but I can't) so it was amazing that she did all that.

INCLUDING the stairs to my office. I WAS SO HAPPY! we then cleaned more, washed dishes, did laundry, and mopped floors.

From there we went shopping and bought the items to make brownies. By time we got home did dinner and cleaned from that it was too late to make brownies. OH WELL! But that is Wednesday I don't have work so we are making slow cooker foods and brownies.

It was so cool. And tomorrow is TUSAL! YAY! okay back to cross stitching and watching tv.

And just so you all have a picture.... hn.... what to show you?
The most awesome laptop mat ever. This is actually the mat I use to use when I played Magic The Gathering all the time. And now it is under my laptop and my mouse. Instant mouse pad. I do need a new one though. This one has a bit of a tear on the bottom edge.

Also anyone know who painted this? *waits to hear*

TODD LOCKWOOD! I was so impressed to see LICENSED TODD LOCKWOOD CCG Mat! OMG OMG OMG! I am still in a little artist geekgasum lol

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