Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh I missed a day....

So yesterday I was so excited to tell you all that I did on Wednesday that I had the post all planned in my head, and photos taken. Then yesterday I got home and was so tired that I went to bed at Six! Not my normal 10 or 11 that night but 6!

It happens every so often I have a rough day at work, and a long few days off and I just need the sleep. I forgot just how hard it is to be a stay a working mom some days. Any ways after a great sleep I was awake this morning at 3:30am oh how un fair the world can be some times lol.

So this what's on your desk Wednesday was completely and amazingly productive. I had so much fun and really really just worked my butt off.

So I completed the following with a few photos! YAY!

Lao looks amazing with his Face up on him now, And now that his wings are on, his face is done. I need to really work on his outfit so he can be clothed and not naked. I just need to wait to get his crown and items so I can paint them too. I was happy with how he turned out. Do you see under his wing? The hanging pieces of pink. That is the pieces to Lia!
So after I was done with Lia, and Lao I was so happy with my new work and how face ups are looking for me I decided to continue on to Patches, she needed her make up done as well so on I went. I got her done in less then an hour. It is truly amazing just how comfortable I am with this style now. So now to start adding new techniques to my style.
And last but not least Ears and a tail of Lia. Her ears ended up darker then I wanted but the pink on them is AMAZING! I want to take her in her kitty gear outside with her and take photos before I send her off to her owner. I am sure that will be happening soon!

Not shown I also have worked really hard oh my for the horde cross stitch and finished off not one but TWO pages for it. I am so happy with that as well. I will be done with this cross stitch not long from now. HAPPY DAY!

So what was I doing today? WORKING! Yup, I taught today and it was a blast. I am now at home had a nap and just flipping through craft room video's on youtube. I LOVE these tour video's Makes me jealous and gives me so many idea's on what to do with my over cluttered office.

So till next time everyone. SEE YA!

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