Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One smart Cookie

So this is less about art, and more about Child Care tactics. My Daughter is 8 and she is a sly one. On Friday she was told her room had to be clean to my standards by Monday! (My standards are kinda strict! All toys have a place, and all books should be on the shelf, and clothes away! I should be able to get under the other bed, and in the closet!) So Monday I got mad at her and told her it wasn't done right she had another chance to do it before I cleaned it and she wouldn't like how I cleaned it. So she did. And she almost had it PERFECT! But I still cleaned it.

Smart kid! Lets get is close and mom will finish it! And on top of that she pulled the "Mom I want!" thing today and I went... if I paid you to do chores you think you can do them to moms likes? MY GODDESS SHE CAN! I put a dollar value to chores I thought she could do, and today she made 10 Bucks! WHAT THE HELL? She has been sharking me all this time! Today she went through her drawers and re folded her clothes and got rid of the ones she didn't like or were too small, Swept and mopped her room (we use swiffer super easy for kids!) Then she put away dishes as I washed them, and she cleaned the living room and swept it... and helped to fold laundry and put it away! WHAT THE HELL! Seriously if you want anything done in the house. PAY THE KIDS! They know how to do it! They just don't want too!

Any ways updated on crafty things.... My daughters shoes are DONE! they are just drying from this coat of sealer. Then tomorrow morning I give it a few more coats and she can wear them. She even picked out the perfect socks.

Friday I hope to get a photo of her in them with the socks she picked out, we are also going to pick up the Fabrics for the dress, the basket to put Little Starr in. I can't believe how excited she is to help me out for this costume! She is the one doing ALL the research into the shoes she needed, the fabric, the socks, basket and even found her own stuffed toy to use as toto! I am so impressed.

She is my cosplayer in the making!

Find her at Central Canadian Comic Con the last weekend of October! She will be in the artist alley with me!

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