Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fuzzy Tails

So I had the most fun working on a coon tail, not just any coon tail, one that was blue, pink, and grey! It was such a joy to work on it.

So here was the tail before I started to work on it this week! It had a flat tip and looked funny and just didn't work well with it's self. So I had to fix it. Also It really didn't sit to well on the person who was wearing it so I had to do something about it.

This flat tipped bulging mess turned into a fuzzy slick tail!

The tip of it is so fluffy and fuzzy now and it is super soft! I brushed it out and fluffed up the cotton baton in it so it was softer to snuggle too. It is super soft and snugly. I shit you not! I now need to make more tails for people. I should go buy some fun fur and work with that first, this was such a fun project this year.

I hope to get photos of the person this tail is for! FUZZY TAIL!!! *pets it* okay now that I have had my furry fun. I need to mention that I wont be posting on Sunday's and Tuesdays might be out as well. My daughter's sports are taking up a good bit of time. So she is more important then completing projects.

So that is your heads up!

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