Monday, June 3, 2013

Virtual House Cleaning!

So today is from the desk of Phynix. These are wonderful looks into what I am doing and how I am going about doing it! Because I have no camera as it is currently stuck at work! I can't show you an progress pictures of my desk, or my projects so you get a wonderful post all about what it is I am doing with no visuals.

Today I got a bit more stitching done on Epic pokemon, and even started to take the questions I get on all sites I post to and put together a Q&A session about my stitching and how I go about dealing with certain things. So that will be fun to complete. If you have questions just leave them in the comments area. I am happy to include them in that project.

On other things of what is on my desk for the day. Virtual House Cleaning! My husband named it. Last night around midnight I decided I needed more room on my hard drives to store a new game (I didn't have enough) so on I went to start the process of clearing up space on my hard drive. I am happy to say I went from almost no space available that I now have enough to put two or three copies of the game I want on my computer. I laughed so hard at what I was able to accomplish, and I haven't done a disk clean up yet. That is just from deleting files I have no want to keep! Or files I just don't need anymore. Bonus about being an artist I will always be able to find extra room on my hard drive. I just have to be willing to delete the bad photos and art pieces I will never work on again! lol.

Any ways what is on your desk?

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