Wednesday, June 5, 2013


So today I didn't do anything, at least not currently. Well no that is a lie.... I tried to sew together a hand paw and I ran into my pinky finger and stitched it. BLOODY HELL THAT HURT!

I am usually really careful with how I am working and where my hands are but I was just being stupid and missed.

So now that I have to look at the piece I bleed on to see if it is showing I decided to take a break after fixing that up.

I have a lot to do, I am currently looking for a head mask, I might have to break down and pay a friend to do it for me, and use a foam mask for this anthro character I am doing (I really didn't want to) But Maybe just maybe I can actually figure it out myself. Who knows.

Yup so nothing new on Phynix's desk today. Oh my camera is charged, this weekend Dr.who, and cross stitching. So updates on that some time.

Well off to bed I teach power point 2010 in the am! NIGHT ALL!

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