Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crime scene *DO NOT CROSS*

Thought my days of working with ponies, and Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, my friends and family assume I love the show CSI (well I do but that is not the point)! I always have decapitated ponies all over the place. The newest being a baby duck, Jarreth, A time lord or two, and a few customs for the up coming C4.

Then there is this.....

This is the second side of my office, the part behind the door that no one gets to see. As of two days ago this was clean but I couldn't find something! So this is what happens. So on the desk for today? Cleaning and working on the horns for my cuprit.

Then on the tattoo for another doll as soon as I learn how to control the airbrush properly! So that is what is on Phynix's desk.

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