Friday, September 16, 2011

There is no such thing as Thursday!

So for them of you who noticed, there was not thursday post. My mother got crushed big a large sow (female pig she works at a pherrn) so I spent the day in the hospital with her. The good news she is not dead, the bad news she is in for a long treatment and is on works comp.

So in better news today is art around the interwebs... and I am going to cop out a bit on this and revert back to my happy place. My best friends art... this is a bit of a self plug too.

Recently Mausu and I decided to do these themed ponies together. My fave to make is ponies, her fave thing to do is just art! So it works well. This is matty the first of the set we want to do.

So go check out her deviant art and tell her we need the next one, and who it should be!

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