Monday, September 19, 2011

The right corner is low!

So with doing this blog I started to look for awesome works of art and I came across this youtube link called "Honey, can you make something for that big wall?"

I started with that link and was so impressed with what it is I saw. The art is amazing, so many hours went into this piece and it would be something I would be pleased to hang in my own house.

Watch the video here:

Now as impressive as that link is! I was more impressed with many of his other pieces of work he has done over the years. I enjoyed watching the video's of him building these paper crafts. I am jealous of his skills with paper and glue. The amount of hours he must have put in to each piece!

One made me cry, he had make a lovely 4" tall version of Freedom Gundam and then burned it. But I guess when they are that large you need to do something with them so you do what you can as you can.

For amazing works please check out Taras Lesko of

You will be happy you did! Make sure to watch 65 Roses! You will be touched with it!

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