Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spelling errors and typos

So as it is Sunday and not Saturday now I thought I would mention a few concerns people have. I have typos. YES! lots of them more so when I am not paying attention and just posting so I can go to bed as it happened the past few days.

I am sorry I try to re read everything I post here but days like Friday it just isn't possible. With my mother being injured I just wanted to get to bed and get a bit of sleep before she woke me to take her to the hospital. I am worried about her. The damage my need surgery and in typical Canadian style, her doctor will call her Monday with the appointment. So as typical as it is for Canada, it doesn't mean I need to like at all.

So this post is here to say, yes there will be days missed, yes there will be things I should mention and don't, and no all posts will not be error free. In fact I am sure if you read and re read some of my things that I did edit you will still find spelling errors, run on sentences, and bad grammar.

Monday is around the corner. I hope to be back to posting on a more regular schedule then!

Till then, Blessed Be!

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